Inspector Gadget: Watch Dr. Claw And Penny Return In Netflix's Exciting First Trailer

Go go CinemaBlend applause machine! The first legitimate trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Inspector Gadget reboot is here, and it’s actually pretty decent, when taking into account the fact that I’m not really supposed to enjoy kids cartoons anymore. See what Dr. Claw, Penny and Brain are up to in CGI form below.

When I said “decent” up there, I was referring to everything but that Chuck E. Cheese-ish theme song, which is particularly horrible for any kind of show. The one for the original 1980s series is one of the most memorable cartoon themes of all time, so I was hoping that something partially enjoyable would have come of this. But enough about that.

Beyond the tune, Inspector Gadget has always been known for its key trifecta of cool and unusual doohickeys, Inspector Gadget’s (Ivan Sherry) bumbling relationship with Chief Quimby (Derek McGrath), niece Penny (Tara Strong) and her dog Brain (Scott McCord), as well as the evildoings of Dr. Claw (Martin Roach). He’s the leader of MAD, the organization that wants to take over the world, but the show descriptions have unfortunately put this version of Dr. Claw as a less evil villain, and one that is just as much of a doofus as Gadget. Plus, he’ll have his nephew Talon (Lyon Smith) to help him out. (That’s the younger guy seen in the preview getting his ass whipped by Penny.) But at least Dr. Claw’s glove still looks cool.


Penny’s computer book thing that I used to want so badly as a child has turned into a floating touch screen, which is an understandable thrust into modern times. But Gadget’s varied tools are delightfully old school, such as the giant mallet, rocket skates and the gumball machine.

Admittedly, my favorite part of the old cartoon was waiting to see where Chief Quimby would pop up, so I’m pumped that they kept that element for this new version. Illogical cartoon physics FTW.


We’re getting into a classic cartoon renaissance, as DuckTales is getting a TV update, as is Danger Mouse. But first, check out everything that’s popping out of Inspector Gadget’s hat when the show drops its 13-episode first season on Netflix on Friday, March 27.

Nick Venable
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