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Intervention Is Leaving Netflix In January, We Know You're Devastated

Although there are endless conveniences to Netflix, the sucky side of subscription is the inevitable day when a show is quietly pulled from the streaming servie. Netflix rarely makes much of an announcement about what shows are going and when, and there’s a bitter sort of surprise in trying to queue up a favorite show only to discover that it’s no longer an option. Well, at least we’ll have warning for one of the latest series to leave Netflix. A&E reality series Intervention will be leaving Netflix in January of 2016. There's just enough time for one final marathon.

Intervention will no longer be available on Netflix after January 14, 2016, according to Uproxx. The series originally ran for thirteen seasons, beginning in 2005 and coming to a conclusion in 2013. Although the series was brought back in 2015 for a 14th season, Netflix losing earlier episodes is a real blow to fans as well as folks who like to jump into an old episode or five on occasion.

Intervention was a show that offered a look into the life of an addict without sensationalizing it. The addictions ranged from narcotics to eating disorders, and A&E did not shy away from airing episodes that showed those occasions in which the attempted interventions to help addicts get clean failed to keep them clean. It was a show that plucked at the heartstrings as well as humbled audiences. Episodes could be difficult to watch, but they were always worth the time.

Fortunately for those who have not yet had the chance to stream episodes of Intervention on Netflix, there’s still enough time before January 14 to get in a marathon. Only fifteen episodes of the series are actually available right now. It's a collection drawn from different seasons rather than featuring all of the episodes from all of the seasons of the show, although a loss of more than 200 episodes would be infinitely worse.

Although Intervention was technically a reality show, it had far more depth than some of A&E’s other reality fare. The network has been a surprising showcase for the Wahlbergs with two shows dedicated to members of the family, and Duck Dynasty at least brought a great deal of the press – good and bad – to A&E.

Still, A&E suffered a very serious drop in viewership in 2015, and the network is in serious need of a ratings boost. Intervention may be leaving Netflix in 2016, but its network of origin must certainly be hoping that bringing it back for new episodes will bring back some viewers that have strayed away.

Intervention’s future on A&E is not quite certain, but Intervention leaving Netflix all too soon is a sure thing. The time is now to get in one last watch.

Laura Hurley

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