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If you’re a fan of Criss Angel, then chances are you’re aware that tonight’s episode of Mindfreak will be airing live as Criss attempts a death-defying stunt. We had a chance to sit in on a conference call with Criss last week and he was kind enough to talk a bit about the stunt and this season of the A&E series. Since the interview was a bit long, we broke it down into parts. Click here for Part 1, and Click here for Part 2. Here’s the third and final part:

So I know you were thinking about two different cities in Florida, and so what was some of those cities, and why - what was the (unintelligible) factors to come up with Clearwater.

Criss Angel: Well I just mentioned this that during a building implosion you know there is not a tremendous amount of choices, and timeframes. And when Clearwater came up, I had been to Clearwater previous to you know my visit just yesterday literally I was in Clearwater in Popping Springs, which is a very Greek community and I’m a 100% Greek. You know I was there probably 10+ years ago, and had a wonderful time and loved you know, Clearwater and the beaches are amazing.

And when I found out that this came available, I just thought it was just the perfect place to do this because of number one being on the beach and the vantage point for the public to be able to watch this visibly as it unfolds moment by moment.

And it would just be kind of surreal to have all of the public you know it’s open to the public its free, anybody can come and watch this. And to have you know nine story building you know with me literally handcuffed to the railing visible to the audience that are on the beach, it’s just a surreal beautiful setting as that building implodes with 450 sticks of dynamite and comes barreling to the earth 4,500 tons of concrete.

You know I just figured, you don’t get much bigger than that and much more beautiful than that on you know, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Clearwater.

And so then why a building implosion?

Criss Angel: Why not, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, it’s never been done in this incarnation, and it’s for me probably the most challenging escape of my career, and the most dangerous.

I just wanted to clarify when you said you were going to be I - on the handcuff thing is each hand going to be handcuffed to a railing or are you...

Criss Angel: No, what they are going to do is they are going to put my hands through the railing... Then they are going to handcuff me, so basically I create a solid link between my arms and the handcuffs and the bar that’s from the railing.

And what about your feet?

Criss Angel: My feet will not be manacled.

Be free.

Criss Angel: Yes.

Okay and these bombs are they timed to go off?

Criss Angel: Dynamite, they are sticks of dynamite that’s 450 sticks of dynamite that will be strategically placed to implode the building over three stories below me. The first story, I think it’s the first story, the second storey, and the fourth story will be completely spread with sticks of dynamite. And they will go off - it goes off when you hear the one minute buzzer it goes. There is no turning back.

It’s not like a loaded fuse (unintelligible).

Criss Angel: Oh no, no it’s not a fuse it’s programmed, it so sophisticated now. But its programmed, and I basically you know, on live television no matter, that building will implode as soon as hits four minutes, whether I’m in it or I’m not it, that will happen.

Now you were saying that this is one of the most dangerous ones, and I think part of you what you, obviously the weather and you have to trust the people you’re with. But you know watching your show, I’ve seen you have a car driven at you, you know while you were manacled and the call set on fire, I would that kind of ranks up there.

Criss Angel: Oh without a question, when I say it’s - it’s one of the most dangerous things I’ve done. It’s how do you say you know, one thing is more dangerous than something else when they both can kill you, and the risk factors are so great. I mean when I floated above the Luxor last season in its premiere, if for some reason that didn’t work as I anticipated it, you know I would have plummeted to my death.

You know, would have been a spectacular of a death, I don’t know, but either circumstance, 450 sticks of dynamite and 4,500 tons of concrete falling on you or falling form you know, the Luxor 450 feet you know, floating above it, I don’t know which one is worst. But I know the results of both, so they are equally being (unintelligible). It’s like saying you know, you have a you know, one round you know, a 22 caliber gun, or you have a 45 caliber gun you know, if you hit somebody in the right place, you’re going to pretty much kill them, one is going to do more damage, but the end result is the same. So they are both dangerous.

Were you practicing up there at St. Petersburg, Clearwater Airport?

Criss Angel: Yes I was.

Okay, now will you be coming into the - this is a question I got from an email, will you be coming into town there is a lot of fans that want to meet you. I don’t know if you were going to be around or anything you know doing street magic, or just...

Criss Angel: I’m going to - when I come in which will probably be Sunday, or so, I’m going to come in and I’m am - you know, I am going to just be overwhelmed with the amount of logistics and rehearsals and coordinating. You know, all of the different elements so my time is really spoken for because there is so much at stake.

But every time you know, I’m in that area I’m always you know, always meeting people just when I go out to eat, or you know, I’m walking from Point A to Point B. So I hope that everybody that wants to meet me will come down to the to the site, July 30th next Wednesday and participate in it because you know, I’ve been known to - I just did the premiere party yesterday and you know, I don’t there is tons of people showed up. And I went and just about a hour and 20 minutes with them because you know, lets face it, without those people reading your paper and you know, I wouldn’t have a job so I’m very grateful and indebted to those people.

You’ve had a million interviews over your life, what’s the one question nobody has every asked you that you wanted them to?

Criss Angel: That’s a great question, and I have to think about that one that’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that honestly because I think I’ve been asked every question, whether personal or not personal or everything you know, from what’s your favorite color to what’s your political position, and everything in between. So, I can’t think of something that I wasn’t asked.

Okay, fair enough I’ll - well I wish you luck I understand you’re going to let a couple people kind of check out the - they’ll all put you in the bucket (unintelligible).

Criss Angel: Oh yes, yes, I should mention, that’s a very good point, that you can be my assistant here in this demonstration.

Okay, I’ll check out the handcuffs if you want.

Criss Angel: Yes this is the thing, we are - we are I’m going to take my wristband, off and I’m going to throw into the crowd. And whoever picks it - providing that they are willing, because there is only one way up to this level, they are going to have to go on the fire truck in the bucket and be you know, brought up to the balcony along with myself, the cameraman.

So, providing that they are okay with that, they are going to get to check and to inspect and to feel everything is on the up and up and be the eyes you know, for the people that are not there, just share to a logistics you know, but - yes.

I’m sure you get super nervous especially you know your life is on the line and everything, do you have any superstitions, rituals that you have to go through or like I don’t know lucky underwear or something that you like to wear?

Criss Angel: Again, no, no I have - I am not superstitious guy, I don’t believe in any of that stuff, so I pretty much you know, I walk under ladders and I break mirrors sometimes by accident, and I don’t have any bad luck.

So, so no I don’t really have you know, I just say my little prayer you know, and I just usually always you know, always you know, just kind of kiss and hug my mom and my family and only go when typically when I’m ready to go.

But what another little piece of stress for me is that you know, this I all eyes. And you know I can’t sit there and you know, take the time that I need I have to perform when television tells me I have to perform, because there is only you know, certain amount of time allotted for that one hour slot and with commercials and everything like that. So it’s like I have to be on my game when I have to be. And you k now, I can’t delay it because then the conclusion won’t be seen on television.

So that’s for me something that I have to really, really be very conscientious about because, typically I don’t go until I feel 100% in the zone and comfortable. Now, I don’t have that you know, that luxury I have to be in that place in my head when I have to be and when the time says I have to be.

How much did you say for (unintelligible) or something this one in specific, how much would you say is mental strength and physical strength that goes into it - or performance another usually performance aspect as well.

Criss Angel: Yes I think - I think it’s, it’s certainly a bit of each, I mean physically you know, if I have to you know, break down a door if I you know, whatever I have to do, I’m going to do.

And so, you know, I - you know, I in my head has - I have options, you know, when I do something and say this because magicians would never ever tell you this stuff because they are so you know, guarded about guarding something that’s an empty vault. I’m just honest and I think my honesty allows people to really put themselves in my position.

But I’m very methodical I mean, you know, I’m looking at you know, each part of this escape, and I have to have two or three options to get through it, if option one or options two doesn’t work.

So you know, I have to really be on my game and really focus on honest.

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