James Franco Is Making A Saved By The Bell And Freaks And Geeks Mash-Up

Freaks and Geeks was one of those TV shows that has attained cult status since it was sent to an early television grave. It was the first big project for a slew of great actors and actresses that have since gone on to stardom. One of those actors was James Franco. If you’re one of those fans who is still upset the series was cancelled, you’ll be happy to hear that Franco will be returning to his old role this year, by mashing it up with Saved by the Bell for his AOL web series.

Currently, Franco is working on the upcoming second season of his AOL web series Making A Scene. While the first season was focused on putting together mash-ups of famous movie scenes, Season 2 will be turning its eye to television. According to THR, this has resulted in a high school mash-up episode that will combine characters from Freaks and Geeks with those from another high school-themed comedy, which was very different, Saved by the Bell. Also, did we forget to mention it will be a musical? Yeah, it’s going to be a musical. Exactly why is not clear, but face it, you’re really curious now, aren’t you?

Apparently mashing up TV shows is very different than doing it for movies. Franco says that while film has memorable scenes that can be mashed together, television does not really have that. Instead capturing TV is about capturing ideas. It’s an interesting point that I have to agree with. There probably aren’t a ton of well-remembered scenes from Freaks and Geeks that everybody loves. Instead what made the show great was it’s general mood an atmosphere. A mood and atmosphere that the show doesn’t share in anyway with Saved by the Bell. It should make for an entertaining episode when the two are thrown together.

Franco, who played the role of Daniel Desario during Freaks' single season will be reprising the role in the web episode. While he seemed a little surprised in the interview that it had been 15 years since he played the role, he looks back on the series fondly, so it was an enjoyable experience. He also talks says he was in a lucky position to enjoy his early work so much. He recognizes that’s not always the case with other actors.

I interviewed Jared Leto for Interview magazine, and I was told, ‘Don't ask about My So-Called Life. He doesn't like to talk about it.’ (Laughs.) I'm like the opposite of that. I love Freaks and Geeks, so going back was fun.

Season 2 of Making A Scene premieres online this Wednesday. According to Franco, the Freaks/Bell mash-up was the last one filmed for the season so we may have to wait a little while for the High School Musical. Wait, that was a different thing entirely.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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