Jane The Virgin's Sin Rostro? Meet The Five Most Likely Suspects

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the CW’s freshman drama Jane The Virgin will be revealing big baddie Sin Rostra very soon. We will finally find out who is the catalyst for a lot of Miami’s crime (not to mention the hotel murders), but that may not necessarily be a good thing for fans. According to the cast and crew, we’ve already met Sin Rostra, and we are going to be super surprised to find out who he or she is.

With Sin Rostra set to be revealed by Episode 13, we feel like now is a great time to begin looking at the potential suspects and hedging our bets. Is it the sly lawyer or the underappreciated cop? Is it the hotelier or the telenovela star? Check out who we think could be the bad guy and why, below.


Rafael Solano

Despite a womanizing past, on Jane the Virgin, Rafael has proven to be sweet, considerate and caring toward Jane. However, he does have a more calculating side, as shown when out-maneuvering Petra in their marriage. He also had a close relationship with the deceased Zaz and never seems to have any sort of monetary problems. In short, he’s got the power, education and success to pull off a double life as a criminal mastermind. But is he really a bad guy?

Our Verdict: There’s a 35% chance Rafael is the bad guy. Not only would that throw a curveball into his relationship with Jane, but it would also lead to some crazy intricate plotlines.



Wheelchair bound and stuck living in a hotel, Magda doesn’t have much to say. However, she’s totally the mastermind behind most of her daughter Petra’s attempts to control the Solano’s finances. She’s also a veteran member of a Czech crime family and certainly has connections outside of Miami. She’s constantly up to no good on the series, but how bad is she?

Our Verdict: There’s a 5% chance Magda’s Sin Rostro. She’s definitely an antagonist within the series, but she seems like the type that is more likely to pimp out her daughter than control a complex web of criminal enterprises.



Michael’s a cop and he’s good enough at his job that he was promoted to a special task force to look into Sin Rostro. This is all pretty aboveboard, and you would think that he’s definitely not the baddie. However, he’s also proven to be a pretty corrupt cop, blackmailing Petra earlier this season and admitting he used to get up to bad stuff with his brother. (Maybe he’s still in league with his uncouth sibling?) And he was surveilling Zazo when the man was killed. Maybe it’s a little too convenient that he was in the right place at the right time with those shipping crates.

Our Verdict: There’s a 20% chance Michael is Sin Rostra. I don’t particularly like the dude, but that’s some serious corruption in the Miami Police Department if he’s it.



We know the former lawyer is kind of shady. She’s dating Rafael’s father, but sleeps with his daughter on the side. She’s certainly persuasive and spends enough time around the hotel’s key players that she could be running a serious enterprise on the side. As a trophy wife, she certainly has the time on her hands.

Our Verdict: There’s a 20% chance Rose is Sin Rostra. There’s something very sketchy about Rose, but she could simply be leaving a sour taste in our mouths because she is a cheater.

Cop nadine

Nadine Hansan

Michael’s cop partner is theoretically less of a shady figure than Michael’s brother. However, she’s been missing in action when a few key things have happened (like when Michael figured out the shipping crate numbers). She also recently advocated to not tell the higher-up authorities about the bust she and Michael were putting together. She didn't want the DEA involved so she could take the credit, but she also may not have wanted more manpower on the scene. Plus, her IMDB page currently only lists her as a character through Episode 13 (you know, the episode we’re supposed to know Sin Rostro’s identity by).

Our Verdict: There’s a 15% chance Nadine is the bad guy. Overall, she’s seemed less sketchy than Michael thus far, but there are a few key plot points that don’t really help her case. Could be red herrings, though.


Somebody Else

Jane the Virgin has a large ensemble cast and since the show’s team is saying the Sin Rostro plotline is pretty twisted, we believe them. Still, there are a few characters who we don’t think have the gumption, the guile or the know-how to run a high-end crime enterprise. Without further ado, here’s who we don’t think is Sin Rostro.

Jane (Seriously, religious and morally-centered Jane?)

Mr. Solano (C’mon, does he even have a first name?)

Xiomara (She’s about as open as a book, and I think we’d know if she was secretly hoarding money. That lady likes clothes)

Alba (We highly doubt Grandma is putting her family at risk by engaging in criminal enterprises)

Petra (She’s calculating, but too needy when it comes to money for us to put much stock in her as a crime boss)

Rogelio De La Vega (Jane’s father is pretty narcissistic, but he isn’t super brainy and mostly seems to have good intentions)

Michael’s brother Billy (A two-bit criminal does not make a mastermind. Usually. He’d really need to be colluding with Michael to make that work. )

Our Verdict: There's a 5% chance one of these other characters could be Sin Rostro.

Who do you think is the culprit? Let us know in the comments below.

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