Earlier this week, it was revealed that the CW’s freshman drama Jane The Virgin will be revealing big baddie Sin Rostra very soon. We will finally find out who is the catalyst for a lot of Miami’s crime (not to mention the hotel murders), but that may not necessarily be a good thing for fans. According to the cast and crew, we’ve already met Sin Rostra, and we are going to be super surprised to find out who he or she is.

With Sin Rostra set to be revealed by Episode 13, we feel like now is a great time to begin looking at the potential suspects and hedging our bets. Is it the sly lawyer or the underappreciated cop? Is it the hotelier or the telenovela star? Check out who we think could be the bad guy and why, below.

Rafael Solano
Despite a womanizing past, on Jane the Virgin, Rafael has proven to be sweet, considerate and caring toward Jane. However, he does have a more calculating side, as shown when out-maneuvering Petra in their marriage. He also had a close relationship with the deceased Zaz and never seems to have any sort of monetary problems. In short, he’s got the power, education and success to pull off a double life as a criminal mastermind. But is he really a bad guy?

Our Verdict: There’s a 35% chance Rafael is the bad guy. Not only would that throw a curveball into his relationship with Jane, but it would also lead to some crazy intricate plotlines.

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