John Cena To Star In True Lies Television Series?

Thanks in large part to Tom Arnold, hardly a year goes by that we don't hear about a follow-up to True Lies. Back in September, however, it started to look like a reality. According to a report, James Cameron, who directed the film, was in talks with 20th Century Fox about creating a television series based on the movie with Cameron serving as executive producer. Now it seems that they may have found their star.

What's Playing recently received a tip from an unnamed source who claims to be close to the production and, if they are to be believed, John Cena is the man that the studio is currently looking at. Largely known for his work as a WWE wrestler, Cena has tried to make the transition into films in recent years, making movies like The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary. The source is unsure if Cena will play Harry Tasker, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from the film, or if he will be someone entirely new. The email also says that the series would be kicked off with a made-for-TV movie.

Critics haven't exactly been kind to Cena's movies- his highest score on Rotten Tomatoes is 12 Rounds with a score of 30%. It's entirely possible that he's not the worst part of his own films. That said, I really enjoy True Lies - it's simply a well-made action film - and it would suck if they destroyed its legacy.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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