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HBO is now mining ideas straight from the wish-center of my brain...or so it would seem. This new project, which Home Box Office Entertainment has just announced, will combine the talents of John Krasinski and Aaron Sorkin to bring us an homage to Hollywood. The two are teaming up for a miniseries about the famous Hollywood hotel, The Chateau Marmont.

Deadline notes that, "Sorkin will write the mini, now in early development, which will be based on the book 'Life at the Marmont' by former Chateau Marmont co-owner Raymond R. Sarlot and Fred Basten." Sorkin is currently busy at work on his other HBO series, More as the Story Develops, but decided to find time to script this adaptation after being personally asked by The Office star, who is said to be the "driving force behind the project."

The miniseries will focus on multiple, interweaving storylines of the various Hollywood celebrities who have partied, stayed, or lived at the Marmont over the last 80-odd years. Deadline lists a bunch of big names who we might get to see in the series (from James Dean to John Belushi), with Krasinski himself rumored to star. The actor/producer also said that his "dream is to have a whole slew of great actors -- some very famous and some not famous at all, to make it an homage to Hollywood." Sounds great, if not overly ambitious.