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John Stamos on Glee? Come on, people, say it with me! “Have mercy!” Ok, my joke might be a bit dated as Stamos has done other things since his Full House days but there’s a whole generation of us who know him as Uncle Jesse. Now it appears as though we’ll be seeing him on Glee next season.

Mild Glee spoilers ahead!
According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, a deal is in the works for to play the role of Will Schuester’s competition. No, he’s wouldn't be playing another glee club coach. He'd be taking care of teeth and in his off hours, seeing Emma. The fact that Emma’s dating her dentist will be revealed tonight, but according to Ausiello, if Stamos is cast, he wouldn't start his recurring role on the show until next season.

What is it with Jayma Mays and teeth specialists? In her role as Charlie in Ugly Betty, she had a fling with Betty’s orthodontist. Now as Emma, she’s got herself a dentist… and a dreamy one, if what Ausiello’s reporting is true. It’ll be interesting to see if the writers manage to work Stamos’ musical talents into the show somehow.

UPDATE: E!'s Kristin Dos Santos has confirmed that a deal has been made and Stamos is set to join Glee for Season 2.

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