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Well, it’s official. Verifying one of the worst kept secrets in the history of television, ABC has announced Katie Couric will in fact host a daytime talk show on its airwaves. The former anchor has long been questioned for leaving a job she was great at (The Today Show) for a job she was mediocre at (CBS Evening News). This new Oprah-like position will firmly place her back within her comfort zone and may actually prove to be a financial windfall.

In addition to receiving a yet-unreported salary from ABC, Couric will also own a percentage of the show itself, meaning if it’s popular, she’ll make out handsomely. The still-unnamed vehicle will be produced by the host’s former boss, Jeff Zucker, who was recently let go from NBC. Together, they’ll hammer out all the specifics and carve out a format to debut in September of 2012.

As for the timeslot, ABC has decided to give Couric General Hospital’s hour at 3 PM. What that entails for one of the last remaining daytime soap operas is anyone’s guess, but according to Deadline, network spokesmen have said they have no plans on cancelling the long-running melodrama. In all likelihood, one of ABC’s new daytime programs, either The Chew or The Revolution, will prove to be a bust, opening up a free hour to slot General Hospital back in.

Unwilling to completely steer from the hard news she’s broadcast for the last five years, Couric’s new contract will also allow her to contribute periodic reports for Nightline and other ABC News properties. Expect the frequency of those cameos to be inversely proportional to the ratings for her new show. If it crushes, she’ll likely focus more of her efforts on that. If it idles in mediocrity, expect those filings to become a regular thing.

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