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Casting for CBS’ NCIS: LA spinoff has come together rather quickly. Kim Raver and Scott Grimes have now been added to the spinoff of a spinoff, both playing characters who are part of a team that travels across the country solving cases. Raver has signed on for the female lead and Grimes will play the team’s forensic specialist.

Raver was actually set to take a role in a pilot for another network this season, called The Secret Lives of Wives. That didn’t end up doing so well at the cable network, leaving Raver free to try her hand, elsewhere. She’s been a pretty awesome actress in programs like Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m happy to see CBS snapped her up to play Special Agent Paris. According to Deadline, Paris is a character who is both highly intelligent and athletic—apparently able to hit a golf ball more than 300 yards.

While not a lead, Grimes has earned a series regular role in the spinoff, playing Dave, the team’s forensic specialist who has a knack for solving clues. The two join the already cast John Corbett, Edwin Hodge, and Miguel Ferrer, as well as guest star Kenneth Mitchell in the backdoor pilot, which will air during an episode of NCIS: LA sometime this spring.

The spinoff may be shaping up quickly, but overall, it has a solid cast and two other NCIS programs to support it, so if the backdoor pilot does well, it should be a big contender for the fall season. We’ll let you know as soon as CBS releases the airdate for the backdoor pilot.

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