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It’s difficult to accept we currently live in a world where neither Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert are on TV every week. That will change soon however, as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is coming. Now we also know who will be joining him. Colbert’s first guest will be George Clooney.

The news comes directly from the “man who will be host” himself via Twitter.

While it appears George Clooney himself may not have gotten the memo, his star power will be much appreciated by the new show. And it does appear that pure star power is what Clooney will be bringing to his appearance. He has no new movie coming out this fall so he won’t be there to promote anything beyond the fact that he’s George Clooney. But really, that’s likely all they’re looking for.

It’s a familiar position for Clooney, he was also the first guest with Jimmy Kimmel started his late night show. He’s also done daytime TV when he was Rosie O’Donnell’s first guest on her talk show.

Colbert himself got to be the guest recently when he stopped by Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show to thank him for all he had done for his career. Colbert ended his run on The Colbert Report in December in order to prepare for taking over The Late Show from longtime host David Letterman.

Colbert has been keeping himself busy on YouTube while he gets ready to host his new show next month. He’s shaved his post-Colbert Report beard and cut promos with former presidential candidates. You know, like you do. Also, if you haven't spent some time with his new text adventure game Escape From The Man-Sized Cabinet you really should.

It’s been good to get to know Colbert again. He was so committed to the character he played during his time on Comedy Central that many fans may be surprised to see him playing “himself” when he comes to late night. While Colbert's sense of humor is certainly recognizable even without his ultra-conservative alter ego attached, it will still be a very new Stephen Colbert for even his long time fans.

Clooney should be a strong performer for Colbert to perform with. The Tomorrowland star is somewhat famous, or should we say infamous for his pranks, so that sense of humor should keep the conversation lively when the two sit down together. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres on CBS September 8.