Latest Fargo Teaser Gets A Leg Up On A Frozen Lake

When we shared the "Roadside" teaser for Noah Hawley's FX drama Fargo, I recall requesting a wood chipper nod in an upcoming preview. The latest teaser for the drama does just that. Though there's no actual wood chipper, there is a foot, and anyone familiar with that scene from the Coen Brothers' film will get the reference...

Fargo foot

Murder is afoot!

Yeah, I have a dark sense of humor sometimes, but that's likely the case for anyone who's a fan of Fargo, right?

The latest teaser shows two guys cramming a dead body into what appears to be a hole cut out of a frozen lake, only the hole's not big enough, or the "guy's too fat," according to the two guys trying to dispose of this body. These are the kinds of problems one might encounter while dealing with murder and body disposal in icy climates. For the film, that included the horrific sight of the blood-soaked snow surrounding the wood chipper. This take is less bloody but no less morbid, especially when the chainsaw comes out.

Each teaser has offered some nod to the film on which this series is loosely based. There was the mentioned "Roadside" teaser, which reminded us of the opening scene of the film and pretty much every snowy highway moment from the film. And then there was the body drop teaser, with the creepy statues that remind us of Brainerd's Paul Bunyan monument. And, of course, we have the Billy Bob Thornton teaser, which reminded us of Jerry Lundegaard's angry ice scraper scene.

Like the others, there isn't a whole lot to glean from the "Fishermen" latest teaser, though it's worth noting that both men -- presumably ice fishermen, if we're to take the title of the video literally -- are speaking sign language, which indicates that one or both of these characters might be deaf. Interesting. And then, of course, there's the presumed murder situation teased here, as I doubt the person who belonged to that booted foot died of natural causes and is now being given a peaceful lake burial.

FX's Fargo series is a 10-episode limited series that's loosely based on the Coen Brothers' film, which involved a mess of crimes in snowy Minnesota and the people who were mixed up in it. Developed by Noah Hawley, the show stars Martin Freeman as Lester, a man who has his life drastically changed when he encounters a mysterious man who arrives in town. Billy Bob Thornton plays Lorne Malvo, the man Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's FBI characters are obsessed with tracking down. Fargo debuts April 15.

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