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The League's Mark Duplass To Star In HBO Comedy Togetherness

While The League is currently between seasons, Mark Duplass and his brother Jay have been keeping busy playing midwives Brendan and Duncan Deslarier on Fox's The Mindy Project, and also working on a single-camera comedy pilot called Togetherness for HBO. The duo is writing, directing and executive-producing the comedy, but neither was planning to star in it. Now it looks like that situation has changed for Mark, as he's reportedly set to play one of the leads.

The comedy centers on four characters living together. Two of them are a married couple and the other two are separate friends who move in with them. Deadline says that Amanda Peet is on board to play Tina Morris, who moves from Houston to Los Angeles to live with her sister Michelle, played by Melanie Lynskey, and her husband Brett, who is now set to be played by Mark Duplass. Steve Zissis is on board to play Alex, "a struggling, over-the-hill actor" who also moves in with the couple, rounding out the foursome of friends all trying to pursue their dreams.

Duplass' character Brett is described as health food obsessive and successful in business, but despite his seemingly perfect life, he's struggling with some personal and professional problems.

Should Togetherness go to series at HBO, it will be one more role in a list of current and future credits for the actor, The League's fifth season among them. Down the line, we'll also see him in Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcon's comedy Tammy, which is due out next year. Needless to say, Duplass is keeping busy, and for those of us who appreciate his work, especially in comedy, that's a great thing.

Kelly West
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