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We’ve seen what lead actress Lindsay Lohan will look like channeling Elizabeth Taylor. However, after the Lifetime movie spent time over the summer shooting for the film and finally decided on a November release set, the network for women has finally put together the first promotional poster for Liz & Dick. It’s a pretty loud poster, but one that shows how great of a fit Lohan is for looking like the famed actress.

People first acquired the poster, which shows Lohan as Taylor in black dress, clutching at her breast to accentuate the intricate, heavy, and expensive jewelry pieces Taylor was known for favoring. Her lips are a bold red, but the color doesn’t stand out as much as the words--like “paparazzi,” scandal,” and “controversial”--that take front and center in the text surrounding the image. However, if we look more deeply at the poster, we can also see the other parts of Liz Taylor, as a “leading lady” and a “beautiful” star.

We’ve seen an initial picture of Lohan and Grant Bowler as Liz and Dick, and Lifetime has also put out a few official photos from the film. Supposedly, the two have great chemistry together while playing the famous supercouple, and even if the story flops, it will be interesting to watch the TV flick just to see how the chemistry goes onscreen.

Lifetime’s Liz & Dick is schedule to appear in November.

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