Little Women May Return In This Form

A classic novel may just get reworked for television. This week, ABC announced it has signed on for a script for Little Women. The story, originally written by Louisa May Alcott about four sisters and their respective paths in life, has been made into countless movies and TV programs in the past. Regardless, ABC’s take is expected to be quite a bit different than the story fans of the novel know and love.

ABC says the project will be a “modern take” on the story. So, instead of petticoats, hair ribbons, sleds and ice skates, the tale will have all of the trappings of the present day, for better or for worse. Apparently, the story will be set in the middle of a modern-day military scandal. A family loses its privilege and fortune and the four sisters must come to terms with this while also dealing with societal issues. That's vaguely similar to the plot in the novel, which follows four sisters who are well-respected but live in relative poverty while their father is away at war.

Weirdly enough, THR says Natascha McElhone is executive producing Little Women for ABC. You probably know the actress best from Californication, where she played the former wife and on and off again partner of the uncontrollable Hank Moody. Reportedly, McElhone will also star in Little Women, meaning the sisters have been extremely aged up or she’s playing the mother figure.

little women

McElhone, Simonne Overend, Alison Owen and Julie Anne Robinson, will all executive produce Little Women and the latter woman will also direct if the project moves to pilot. Additionally, Big Hero 6 writer Jordan Roberts is hopping from animation to live action in order to put together the script for the project.

The last time Little Women was recreated for the big screen was in 1994. The movie was a pretty traditional take on Louisa May Alcott’s novel, with a stunning cast, including Winona Ryder, Christian Bale, Susan Sarandon, Kirsten Dunst, Gabriel Byrne, Claire Danes and Eric Stoltz. The movie is still pretty well thought-of and referenced in pop culture, making it reasonable that ABC would want to do a different take on the story for the small screen. It will probably be some time before we find out whether or not this one will move forward to series, but there are definitely worse remake ideas.

Jessica Rawden
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