Louie Watch: Season 3, Episode 4 - Daddy's Girlfriend Part 1

Louie takes a look at love this week and while there aren't a lot of revelations on the topic it is all really funny.

First up is the very funny Maria Bamford who is Louie's first victim at an attempted relationship after his daughters grill him over his love life. Besides being impossibly cute, as always, the daughters also have a good point; Louie hasn't really had a normal relationship over the course of the show’s run. Louie sheepishly asks her to "hangout" and we quickly discover this isn't their first rodeo together.

Bamford is great as the disappointed lover, but it is that crazy reality show C.K. constructed that really sucks you in. The stereotypes and making fun of the idiots on reality television is low hanging fruit, but the random act of violence inside was really quite shocking/hilarious. Shocking Bamford is Louie's desire to have a date with her and his daughters and her "no way in hell" reaction was priceless. Strike one. It was nice to see C.K. show off Bamford's wonderful voice talents in her stand-up act and he also does an excellent job of creating such great contrast between both featured females tonight.

Like the reality show, there is another little side bit thrown in for good measure before girl number 2 enters the picture and it's in the form of a wonderful montage of Louie fantasizing about his daughters' school's teachers. Moving from window to window is kind of a creepy move by Louie, but the fantasies are wonderfully scored and get delightfully out there.

Louie's walk of horniness takes him to a local book store where he runs into a cute employee; played by Parker Posey. Louie uses the proposition of finding a book for his daughter to flirt with her and on the third trip he finally works up the courage to ask her out. The highlight of the episode is a smart and calculated plan of attack to sell Posey as best Louie can before she can say no and it is a great moment for C.K. as an actor. Posey and C.K. have a great chemistry together and Posey, as always, is easily infectious to both Louie and the viewer. The episode ends with their date set, fist-pump, and I can't wait to see how Louie screws it up next week; I kid, Louie.

C.K.'s embarrassing look at love is rarely easy to watch, but he injects so much honesty into the scenarios that it makes the awkwardness always feel authentic. C.K.'s observations about nice women having to deal with guys like him, just because they show the faintest sign of politeness, is spot on and Louie is so embarrassingly charming that we buy it when it works.

A solid and very funny episode of Louie this week featured not only great acting by Bamford and Posey, but showed us some more of Louie's awkward love life that I never get enough of. I am happy to have Posey back next week and I hope they have a lot of fun with the date, but I won't lie that I hope we get some more awkwardness out of Louie along the way; doubt I will be disappointed.

Random Ramblings:

-Louie's little daughter is endlessly cute.

-"When are, YOU, going to have a girlfriend?"

-What the hell is this reality show?

-"its one thing you’re not good at Louie."

-Excellent call on this 50's slow jam music cue for the montage.

-The fist pump observation, brilliant.

-"Torpedoing towards your vagina."

-"The bald head, and I sweat a lot, and I'm lumpy."

-Fist pump!