The first preview for AMC’s newest drama, Low Winter Sun, offers us a glimpse at the murder of a cop by other cops that will be central to the narrative. Mark Strong is strangely silent throughout most of the preview, letting another cop (played by Lennie James) allude to the reasons for the cop killing, as well as noting that the two need to watch each other’s backs.

The preview doesn’t tell us much that we don’t already know about Low Winter Sun’s plot. The show is based on a British miniseries that also starred Strong, which means the man should be pretty comfortable taking on the character even if he has to put on an American accent this time around. We've already known about the cop on cop murder thing, but it is explored a little more vividly thanks to the preview. In short, the series looks like it will be worth a watch.

Low Winter Sun was picked up to pilot last May at the same time as Richard LaGravanese’s legal thriller. By the time Strong was attached to the American adaptation of his former TV endeavor, it seemed like AMC was really gunning to bring this one to air. Fans won’t have to wait too long to give this one a shot--Low Winter Sun will air in the summer of 2013 for 10 one-hour episodes.

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