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It was only a couple of hours ago that we broke the news that Theo Rossi had been cast in Marvel's Netflix original series Luke Cage. Yet somehow, we've got another casting tidbit in a day that's been full of Marvel news throughout the MCU. On Wednesday, relative newcomer Simone Missick was cast in Luke Cage, and she's rumored to play Misty Knight. Judging by the direction the rumors surrounding Simone Missick's casting as a character named Missy have taken, this is something that will even further strengthen the bridge between movies and television.

Much like the previous Theo Rossi casting, it looks like code names are in play again. Deadline says the name “Missy” was on the casting information for the character Missick will playing, but also received further information pointing to this character potentially being Misty Knight, who formerly worked for the NYPD and who once got a "bionic arm from Tony Stark." Misty's inclusion in Season 1 of Luke Cage indicates some interesting details about where the show might be going in its first season.

Misty Knight was Luke Cage's girlfriend before she eventually broke up with him and became fellow Marvel Comics character Danny Rand's longterm girlfriend. In Luke Cage, we just might see Luke and Misty get together onscreen. Whatever ends up happening, it's part of the setup that builds Luke Cage's connection with Jessica Jones (whom he's also dated) in a possible super series combination of the two shows.

Simone Missick is a relative newcomer on TV; her only major work includes a guest appearance on Ray Donovan. Playing Misty Knight is the chance for Missick to land her breakout role, while also helping Marvel build their brand in the world of television. With ties to Tony Stark in the comics, there's a chance that if Misty is enough of a hit with audiences, we'll see some references to her and Tony's business dealings involving that cyborg arm she acquires after her injury. Much like some of Marvel's biggest stars (like Chris Hemsworth before he blew up as Thor) a role in Luke Cage could open a lot of doors for Missick's career.

With a cast rapidly firming up, and production on Jessica Jones already in full swing, the pieces are starting to fall into place for Jessica and Luke to fulfill their ultimate destiny as two of The Defenders that protect the streets of New York. Misty's inclusion in the Luke Cage universe means that while it's a journey worth taking, it's still going to take a little while to get there. For now, we can expect Luke Cage to power its way onto our screens at some point next year. For now, here's what's coming up this fall.

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