Luke Cage: Check Out Claire Temple's Mom

Wondering how Rosario Dawson’s character Claire Temple became so awesome in Daredevil? Easy, she got it from her momma. Marvel recently announced that Sonia Braga has been cast in the role of Soledad Temple for the upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage. Here's what that fabulous lady is going to look like when she appears on the streaming service's upcoming TV show:


Audiences may recognize Braga from her Golden Globe-nominated role in Kiss of the Spider Woman, as well as appearances in Alias, Sex and the City, and recently Royal Pains. Marvel’s announcement comes with details that the role of Soledad Temple will be a character as powerful and independent as her daughter, Claire.

Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson, was first seen in Netflix’s first Marvel series Daredevil. Daredevil premiered on the streaming service on April 10th 2015, and was renewed for Season 2 just two weeks after the premiere. But it's not the only Marvel TV project that is in development or has premiered on Netflix. An entire universe is in the works.

While Daredevil was praised as a whole, the role of Claire Temple was particularly highlighted as one of the most exciting aspects of the series. The second Marvel series on Netflix, Jessica Jones was released about a week ago, once again garnered critical praise. Claire made an important appearance in Jessica Jones, and it has since come to light that her character will be the connecting force of the Marvel/Netflix series moving forward.

Furthermore, the second series introduced the character of Luke Cage, the Marvel superhero and occasional Avengers member. Now, Luke Cage will be given his own spin-off (aptly named Marvel’s Luke Cage) as Netflix continues to grow its comic book universe. Dawson will once again reprise her role in this upcoming series, and it is clear that Claire's story will be expanded with the casting of Braga as her mother. After all, in a series revolving around the character of Luke Cage, why else would Claire's mother become a major character?

As we know, that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a force to be reckoned with. While already spanning a slew of successful interconnected movies, it seems to be expanding into television, and has found a home in Netflix. The pace which Marvel is developing, filming, and releasing their Netflix original series seems exhausting, yet their product has yet to suffer from the speed. And, with Claire appearing as the common thread between all past and future Marvel series, it seems there will be an intersecting of stories that will make for a fleshed out universe.

With Claire Temple quickly becoming a popular and interconnected character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (like a female Nick Fury), I can only imagine how gaining insight regarding her roots with the character of Soledad will make her even more popular. And with Sonia Braga’s performances as powerful older female characters in the past, the Temple Family has the ability to take over the Marvel universe. Take that, Starks.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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