The timing seems fitting for news like this, as it comes on the night MTV brings Teen Wolf back for its second season. It looks like the network, once better known for playing music videos, is looking to expand on its scripted programming with another TV adaptation of a popular film franchise. Scream, the series may be in the works soon enough at the network, it seems.

TV Line posted the news, stating that MTV is looking to develop a weekly series based on the popular horror franchise Scream. Their sources say former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley are producing the project through DiGa, and they're in the process of trying to find a writer for the pilot. The site notes that it's not known whether Scream writers Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven will be involved in the project.

Before looking at Teen Wolf, I'd be a lot more doubtful over the idea of a Scream series, however the Tyler Posey starring drama is evidence that there is a way to adapt a beloved film into a TV series that a modern day audience can connect with. It's probably fair to call Teen Wolf a loose adaptation of the film on which it's based, at best, but it's an adaptation nonetheless, and it works. If Teen Wolf can be made into a TV show, I don't see why Scream couldn't, especially if a new "ghost face" were to emerge each season. Perhaps this is just a combination of my love for the Scream films and a general sense of optimism here, but if done right, this could make for a fun mystery/horror series. We'll have to wait and see what develops from this project and who's brought on board to write the pilot.

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