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MTV VMAs: See 9 Of Miley Cyrus' Skimpy And Insane Costumes

Anyone who is generally familiar with Miley Cyrus’ VMA performances should know that she’s a bit out there in terms of costumes and general personality. This year, however, MTV actually handed Miley Cyrus the mic and asked her to host the whole shindig, which led to numerous costume changes, some wilder than the last. We’ve gone ahead and compiled the most insane outfits and brought them to you so you can view them from the comfort of your home, without having to hear Nicki Minaj (or Kanye West) rant or stare at Bieber’s haircut.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 2

The Futuristic Outfit, With Sunglasses

It didn’t take long for Cyrus to shed some layers, however. The singer soon popped up onstage wearing colorful dots linked together by plastic and little else. We’ve come to expect not a ton of coverage from the singer, but those glasses are outta this world. Plus, Jared Leto arm candy makes the look even more over-the-top.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 3

The Face

Yes, those are eyes covering Miley Cyrus’ upper half. While you can’t see it from our quick snap, her skirt is in the shape of red lips. While wacky, the shape is pretty interesting. As Tim Gunn would say, Cyrus “makes it work.”

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 4

The Barely There

Similar to the outfit Cyrus wore on the red carpet, this little gem of a look reminds us of what Leeloo wears in The Fifth Element. Only, we guess this costume change was a whole lot more expensive than the bandage look.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 5

The Pajamas

We all know Miley Cyrus is fond of taking pot, and this year’s VMAs featured a video starring Cyrus and Snoop Dogg. If you’re going to eat pot brownies on TV, you might as well be comfy, I guess. Even more outrageous? That furry hairpiece.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 6

Pink, With Animal Heads, Because Obviously

This look features pink hot pants, plus a barely-there harness that only covers her chest thanks to the addition of animal heads. Just to make it apparent that she’s trying to look as ostentatious as possible, she also rocks out pink sunglasses and pink dreads, the latter of which are pretty sweet.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 7

The Rainbow Box

This isn’t an outfit. It's an architectural piece, for sure. In fact, we're pretty positive it’s a rainbow ballot box. Vote Kanye West for 2020 (we wish we were kidding).

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 8

The Mirrored Pantsuit

These looks are getting more demure by the minute. At least she’s flashy looking, here. Still, as far as pantsuits go, that one has to be the shiniest we’ve ever seen.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 1

The Introductory Outfit

While Miley wore a barely-there costume on the red carpet at the 2015 VMAs, this was actually pretty tame in terms of coverage standards. Still, multi-colored sleeves and lots of bling make this one a standout.

Miley Cyrus vmas 2015 9

The Performance Outfit

For her final look, Cyrus has a variety of materials going on, and we’re pretty sure there’s an eye image covering her right boob. No foam fingers, though. That’s a little disappointing.

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Photos Courtesy of MTV and Viacom

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