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Mexico Hot And Bothered Over Top Gear Racial Slurs

The Mexican ambassador to the UK is up in arms after the host of popular automotive show Top Gear went on a racist rant while reviewing a Mexican-made car. Referring to the automobile as “lazy” and “feckless”, emcee Richard Hammond took it further, describing the people as being clothed with blankets with a hole in the middle and later even calling them overweight. Later, the conversation switched to food, and he described the cuisine as “refried sick”.

According to BBC, ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora wrote a letter to the BBC calling the remarks “xenophobic” and “humiliating”. The possibility of controversy was openly brought up on the show after the initial tirade, but co-host Jeremy Clarkson said he wasn’t worried because the ambassador was likely snoring in front of the television.

Cinema Blend does not condone racism or offensive slander, but the fact of the matter is this wasn’t an official UK address. None of these people are speaking for the government or the British people, and while they do have a wide audience and influence, they’re really at liberty to say whatever the hell they want. If the United States got hot and bothered every time a show poked fun at the country, it would end up spending half its budget on stamps to mail angry complaints.

I would suggest the Mexican government would be better served spending their time battling drug lords rather than bitching about being humiliated by a television program that reviews cars.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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