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Michael C. Hall Will Rob Banks In Unproduced Stanley Kubrick Project God Fearing Man

Not an actor to dive into multitudes of projects with reckless abandoned, Michael C. Hall has landed on his next role, and it’s taking him back to the televised home that turned him into a household name. Hall has signed on for the miniseries God Fearing Man, which will be based on an unproduced screenplay from the iconic Stanley Kubrick. Thankfully, the Dexter star won’t be bothered by any Dark Passengers or the ghost of his dead father in this project.

Hall will also executive produce God Fearing Man, in which he’ll play the real-life minister-turned-safecracker Herbert Emerson Wilson. A traveling evangelist who eventually gave up the faith, Wilson paired up with low-rent criminal Herb Cox in 1916. The duo connected with more lawbreakers and spent the next five years or so blowing up bank safes and snatching up money all over the country. Wilson ended up getting caught in 1921, and spent part of the rest of his life writing about his exploits. You can read about his version of things in his book I Stole $16,000,000.

God Fearing Man was first set up for development by Entertainment One a couple of years ago, and they’re still on board, along with Philco Films’ Steve Lanning and Philip Hobbs, a longtime collaborator of Kubrick. eOne will be shopping the miniseries around to networks at some point, and one would assume having Kubrick’s name on it would make for an instant bidding war. While the THR story doesn’t make mention of who is penning the project, British writer Stephen R. Clarke was involved back when God Fearing Man was first acquired.

Hall played serial killer/Miami PD blood spatter expert Dexter Morgan on Showtime's Dexter for eight years, with that coming to a ridiculous close last September. After that, he hit Broadway for a role in The Realistic Joneses and starred in Jim Mickle’s dark thriller Cold in July, the Joe R. Lansdale adaptation that hit theaters and VOD back in May. Check out the trailer for it below.

Wilson is the second real world character Hall will take on in as many years. Last year, he starred as the pederastic David Kammerer in John Krokidas’ biographical drama Kill Your Darlings opposite Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan. While Wilson is on the same side of the law, I’m assuming he’ll be a much more charming and enjoyable character to watch over the span of a miniseries. Are you guys excited to see Hall return to the small screen?

Nick Venable

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