Michael C. Hall Joins Revenge Thriller Cold In July

Though it still doesn’t have a release date yet, Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are has gotten enough festival buzz to make the film seem like it could be a successful remake – Jorge Michel Grau wrote and directed the 2010 Mexican original – while also rising above Mickle’s other previous lackluster genre efforts. Positivity breeds optimism, which is needed to really get behind his next film, an adaptation of the cult revenge novel Cold in July by revered author Joe Lansdale.

But now Michael C. Hall has joined the project, according to Deadline, and the movie sounds a whole lot better . Hall is best known for his powerful work on HBO’s Six Feet Under, as well as for meticulously killing known murderers and getting into other hijinks on Showtime’sDexter . With that series ending this year, it’s high time for Hall to become one of cinema’s leading men.

In the film, he’ll play protagonist Richard Dane, a man who kills a burglar in self-defense after his house gets broken into. Even though Dane was clearly the innocent guy, the thief’s father doesn’t see it that way and plans to enact Old Testament-style of revenge. Local cops, federal agents and the Dixie Mafia all have a role to play here. I wonder if the vengeful father coming after him will be named Mexter Dorgan.

Hall will next be seen in the Beat Generation thriller Kill Your Darlings, and he’s developing a Showtime series that will adapt Matthew Specktor’s novel American Dream Machine.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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