Mike & Molly's Series Finale Delivered A Twist As Heartwarming As You'd Expect

Spoilers for Mike & Molly’s series finale are below.

Months before Season 6 finally made it to the airwaves, Mike & Molly slipped beneath a dark shadow as CBS’ interest in the show waned enough to chop the episode order and later cancel it in secret long before coming clean about the decision. But none of that behind-the-curtain drama was inferred from the two-part series finale, which ended on a surprising sitcommy twist that was unsurprisingly happy and heartwarming: the titular couple are parents, with a second child on the way!

Throughout its run, Mike & Molly has focused on Mike and Molly coming to grips with a multitude of different changes together, with the one change they actively sought out – having a child –eluding them. Viewers have seen their recent efforts to acquire a child through adoption go successfully, and it all came to a crowning head in the last episode, “I See Love,” when it was revealed that the mother of their to-be adopted baby was going into labor three weeks early. Nothing like a life-changing shocker to put some fire beneath everyone’s bottoms, and things got a little too heated between family members inside the hospital in front of Vernee Watson’s adoption rep. Of course, it all calmed down (where that was concerned, anyway) and after Mike made a quick dash around the halls, the world was introduced to the newest addition to the family, who definitely will not be called or nicknamed Blanche. (His name is William.)

But we didn’t even get to react properly to this super-fresh infant’s face before the audience started howling with the tearful admission that Molly is now pregnant. (Which was followed soon by Mike’s realization that another car seat catastrophe in coming.) She’d been nauseous earlier in the day and so Molly got a pregnancy test while waiting for her first child to be birthed, which turned out to be just as positive as these kids’ chances of being raised in a happy household. I mean, sure, it’s saccharine and feel-goody and all that, but when a show can realistically go out on an “I love you,” a kiss and a song to a newborn, why should it want to shoot for anything else?

Even though Mike & Molly had to end for whatever reason, at least the creative team decided to exit on a great and life-affirming note. And you know how things go these days. It’s entirely possible that Netflix will expand its relationship with Gilmore GirlsMelissa McCarthy by later ordering up a four-part revival series where we see what Mike and Molly are like as parents in a few years. 

Until that happens, though, we’ll always have the repeats. 

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