Monday Mornings Cancelled By TNT

Monday Mornings is having a bad Friday morning. Today, TNT announced the freshman drama will not be getting picked up for a second season, which is somewhat surprising when you consider the track record of Boston Legal and Harry’s Law creator David E. Kelley, who also put together the TNT drama. Then again, when considering the ratings Monday Mornings brought in during Season 1, the cancellation is a little less of a surprise.

The series premiere of Monday Mornings only brought in 1.34 million total viewers. According to Deadline, the finale barely inched ahead of the premiere numbers, bringing in 1.37 million total viewers. I suppose it’s sort of impressive that the series managed to maintain and improve upon its premiere numbers, but the ratings were still too low for the network to probably even seriously consider a renewal. Monday Mornings is the second series TNT has cancelled, today. Earlier on Friday, TNT also cancelled Southland, a series the network picked up after it ended its run on CBS several seasons ago. While many of the Southland actors have moved on to new projects, I'm not certain the Monday Mornings actors will have the same luxury.

I was one of the people who showed up for the Monday Mornings premiere and later never found myself heading back to TNT to show up for an episode of the medical-based drama. TNT has plenty of shows that do well, including Major Crimes and Franklin & Bash and with a few new programs on the horizon, including Legends with Sean Bean, Monday Mornings shouldn’t be a huge loss.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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