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There’s bad news if you’re a fan of Prime Suspect. While the series hasn’t been officially cancelled, not only is it not on the line-up for NBC’s 2012 midseason schedule, but word, production has been shut down on the show for the season.

Yesterday, NBC posted the 2012 Midseason Schedule. Missing from the lineup was Community, which is technically not cancelled, just on hiatus, and the Thursday night cop drama Prime Suspect. The situation is looking pretty grim for the series, as Deadline is reporting that the low-rated series will wrap production this month and that the cast and crew were notified of the shutdown.
Prime Suspect will complete Episode 12, which is now wrapping filming, and Episode 13, which starts shooting this week, before shutting down for the holiday and for the season.

That in itself isn’t terrible news, considering most shows are going on hiatus for the holidays, but with PS not on the midseason schedule, it’s looking like this will be it for the season, if not the series. Worse than that, Deadline is reporting that people on the show have been told that the series has been canceled, despite what NBC has said about “considering their options.”

So, while there is no official word yet on the fate of the series, it’s looking like Prime Suspect’s days are numbered. But who knows what will happen next year? Assuming NBC doesn’t make an official decision until next year, it’s possible Prime Suspect will be saved at some point before the spring.

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