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Well, the Entertainment Tonight drama keeps getting weirder and weirder. New host Nancy O'Dell gave an interview to the NY Post today in which she denied anything about her hiring was planned, but something tells me that's little comfort for jilted Insider host Lara Spencer. Let's back up to last December.

Amidst persistent rumors of unhappiness and on-set drama, Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell unceremoniously quit her job. Eventually, she got hired on to host a reality competition on Oprah Winfrey's new network. Meanwhile, things seemed a bit smoother over at Entertainment Tonight, where Mary Hart's long announced retirement was widely expected to comfortably transition over to Insider host Lara Spencer. Word is Spencer was even told to move to Hollywood to prepare, but then out of nowhere, CBS President Les Moonves started taking meetings with O'Dell and ultimately hired her.

“I had feelers out there and had taken meetings,” O'Dell clarified, but she's still sticking by her denials of any orchestrated coup. Regardless of what you believe, one has to admit the whole thing is very fishy.

O'Dell will join Entertainment Tonight officially in January and then take over once Mary Hart leaves sometime during the Spring.

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