Nasim Pedrad Probably Is Done With Saturday Night Live

When Saturday Night Live returns in the Fall, it will likely do so without one of its key supporting players. Longtime support Nasim Pedrad is playing one of the leads on the highly anticipated Fox comedy Mulaney, and she apparently plans to pursue that course moving forward.

The news came out this weekend at the ATX Television Festival. Nasim Pedrad admitted she would love it if there was a way for her to do both Mulaney and Saturday Night Live. In fact, she did both at the end of this past season as the new comedy offering was shooting, but over the long haul, that’s just not sustainable.

Here’s the exact quote, as transcribed by Buzzfeed this week…

“I haven’t heard any official word so far, but I love this show so much. I have an apartment in L.A. and, as far as I know, I’m in L.A. now.”

Nisam Pedrad probably never had the personality to emerge as a gigantic Saturday Night Live star. She’s just not the type to completely take over a scene or push her way into every sketch during a given week. That being said, she had plenty of time to prove just how capable and brilliant she can be with the right material. Her Underground Kickspit Music Festival infomercial sketches opposite Jason Sudeikis quickly caught on with hardcore fans, and lately, her spot-on Kim Kardashian impression has started attracting even non-SNL fans…

Watch that magic below…

This is the story of Saturday Night Live. Just as performers really start coming into their own, they get attractive offers from other places. Some of them stay until their full potential can be filled. An overwhelming majority of them, however, leave for the new and exciting opportunities. Luckily for Nasim Pedrad, the buzz about Mulany is nothing short of epic. People have convinced themselves that it’s the show that will save comedy on Fox and even if only a small fraction of that praise is warranted, it will be worth the starlet ending her five year tenure at 30 Rock.

Good Luck, Nasim. Those of us who watch Saturday Night Live on a regular basis will miss your spunky energy and strange ability to crush awkward characters. You’ll never completely be replaced, though Lord knows Lorne Michaels will try.

Mack Rawden
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