Nathan Fillion Lounges On The Set Of Community

It’s such a wonderful thing when world’s collide. Take this Sunday night’s guest appearance by Emma Caulfield on Once Upon a Time, for example. Or if you’re looking for something a tad bit shinier, someone left a Hammer on the library table on the set of Community.

If those hints add up to something that makes sense to you, you may be a Nathan Fillion fan.

A tweet-exchanged went on tonight between Nathan Fillion and Community‘s Alison Brie, which includes this photo, which Fillion posted tonight along with, “I'm officially in love with all the girls on #Community. Even @kenjeong. Especially @kenjeong.”

Alison Brie tweeted back moments later, “Yay! Come visit more often!”

That seemed to suggest maybe he was just dropping by the set. And maybe that's all there is to it. But there’s more! Fillion responded with, “@alisonbrie: @NathanFillion Yay! Come visit more often!” I'll be right back. Gotta learn a 5 page scene.”

Should we expect a guest appearance by Fillion on Community at some point in the future? I’m afraid to get my hopes up as there's a good chance this was just a friendly drop-by that Fillion was kind enough to share with us. Still, the lack of new Community feels particularly frustrating this week, given that last night was the first official Thursday without Community this year (NBC brought back 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office and Up All Night with new episodes). News or even a hint that Fillion is on the menu for the series’ return, whenever that may be, is just the kind of geeky uplift fans could use.

On the optimistic side, even if this isn’t a hint of an upcoming guest appearance, the sight of Fillion laying on the library table is heart-warming in its own way. Now if only we could get a photo of Troy and Abed on Serenity...

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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