Nathan Fillion's New Series Con Man Just Added A Ton Of Sci-Fi Stars

When it comes to projects that makes the geekier sections of society squeal with delight, you can’t get much better than the re-teaming of Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk for the latter’s upcoming webseries Con Man. The fanbase-centered comedy already has a premise and cast members that Comic Con lovers will be familiar with, and now the show has added a slew of new names, including Tricia Helfer, Michael Trucco, Robert Patrick, Emily Kinney, Mindy Sterling, Nolan North and Samantha Smith.

The news comes straight from Nerdist, and this isn’t even the last of the casting announcements that we can expect for Con Man. I’ve no doubt that many more actors and actresses will be signing up before production goes underway. Let’s take a look at each of these genre-friendly actors one by one, although we sadly have no idea if they’ll all be playing themselves or if they’ll be playing fictional characters.


Tricia Helfer got her big break as Number 6 in Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica miniseries, reprising the role for the following four seasons. She’s also starred in series such as Dark Blue and The Firm, voicing The Grid in the animated TRON: Uprising and most recently starring in Syfy’s lopsided sci-fi miniseries Ascension.


Like Helfer, with whom he co-starred in the western drama Killer Women, Trucco capitalized on his TV career by starring as Sam Anders in Battlestar Galactica. Beyond that, he’s had recurring roles in series such as How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, Fairly Legal and Criminal Minds. He was most recently seen in the TV Land comedy The Exes and the short film Drone.


Throw a rock and you’ll hit a movie or TV show that Robert Patrick starred in, most memorably Terminator 2: Judgment Day, in which he played the nightmarish T-1000. (Not to mention Fire in the Sky and The Faculty.) He took David Duchovny’s place as the male lead in The X-Files’ final seasons, and he’ll reportedly be back for the upcoming revival. His most recent TV work has seen him in other genre shows like True Blood and From Dusk Till Dawn, and he currently stars in CBS’ Scorpion.


After a bit role on Showtime’s The Big C, Emily Kinney broke through to the mainstream as Beth Greene in The Walking Dead. She’s surrounded that huge role with appearances on The Following, Forever and an upcoming part as the Bug-Eyed Bandit on The Flash.


A TV vet for over 30 years, Mindy Sterling is arguably most known for her role as Dr. Evil’s loud-mouthed defense specialist Frau Farbissina. She’s had a solid voice acting career with roles on Kick Buttowski and The Legend of Korra, and she could be seen in two seasons of Jim Jeffries’ Legit and Black-ish. She’ll soon play Taran Killam’s mom in the upcoming comedy Casual Encounters.


The voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series, Nolan North has built a huge career doing voicework in video games and cartoons, though his live-action work includes a bit part in Star Trek Into Darkness, a regular spot on Pretty Little Liars and a a few years leading the soap opera Port Charles. He’s voiced everything from Kraang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Hank Pym in Ultimate Avengers to Smokescreen in Transformers: Prime.


Perhaps best known as Sam and Dean’s mother on Supernatural, Samantha Smith is no stranger to TV, where she could be seen most recently in Intelligence and The Mentalist. On the film side of things, she starred in Transformers and can be seen later this year in the horror Worry Dolls.

These seven actors join the already cast Seth Green, Felicia Day, Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Amy Acker and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. The campaign has already racked up well over $2.4 million, securing an entire first season for Con Man, with almost two weeks left to get Tudyk and his creative team well on their way through a second season. Huzzah!

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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