Netflix Accidentally Charged Some Customers Up To A Dozen Times This Month

Apparently, Netflix thinks that some of its users are such big fans of House of Cards that they should pay for it more than once. There have been some billing issues down under and several Netflix subscribers in Australia have been charged multiple times for their monthly subscription.

Some Netflix users who checked their credit card bills recently have seen, in some cases, up to a dozen charges for their online service in the same month. How many times do you have to watch Daredevil to make that happen? According to Buzzfeed, while at first Netflix didn’t seem to be aware of the issue, the subscription streaming service finally came around. Possibly, this was due to the outpouring of social media users wondering what the heck was going on!

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Netflix has only been streaming locally in Australia since March, although many Aussie's have been accessing the service in the US prior to the local launch. Computer glitches like these aren't unheard of, though this one seems a little more aggressive than most. On the one hand you can be polite and blame it on the service being "new" in Australia. On the other hand, it's not like Netflix is actually new at this and you'd think they'd have things like this under control.

Once Netflix realized that there was a problem, the company began to take steps to fix the issue(it’s not like they need the extra cash). The user base can relax, a little, now that Netflix released this statement so that everybody knows their money isn’t going away.

”We are aware a small percentage of Australian and New Zealand members experienced multiple credit card authorisations for monthly billing. The issue has been resolved. While no extra money was withdrawn from users’ accounts, it may take several days for the authorisations to drop from users’ bank accounts. Members may contact Netflix customer service if they have additional issues. We regret any inconvenience related to the problem.

At this point the issue appears to be limited to Australia and New Zealand, but other Netflix uses may want to check their accounts just to be sure. Once Netflix gets this under control they can go back to their normal problems, like making controversial movies and not being able to get either Olson twin on board for the Full House series.

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