Netflix Is Getting Sexy With Its Newest Series

Netflix has only gotten more addictive in recent years as the streaming service has produced more and more original series. The site has not limited itself to one genre for its originals; everything from comedies to political thrillers to superhero sagas have hit the web and found an audience. Now, Netflix has announced another original series is in the works, and it looks a whole lot sexier than anything Netflix has produced before. Called Gypsy, the new show will follow the story of a therapist who develops taboo relationships with people in her patients’ lives.

Jean Holloway is the therapist in question who will use intimate knowledge from her patients to form visceral and physical connections with those in their lives. Gypsy will be a sexy psychological thriller that will surely have viewers on the edges of their seats upon release.

Sadly, this release won’t be happening for some time. The streaming service's announcement notes Gypsy isn’t set to premiere until some point in 2017. It will run for ten episodes of one hour each.Writer Lisa Rubin will be penning the series as well as working as an executive producer. Current writing projects for Rubin include adapting the novel I Was Here for New Line and adapting the novel Food Whore for DreamWorks. She’ll be joined by co-executive producers Liza Chasin, Tim Bevan, and Eric Feliner.

Gypsy certainly won’t be Netflix’s first foray into more adult programming. Many of its dramas include language and levels of violence that never could have happened on network television, but Gypsy may well be the first to really take advantage of the lack of constraints for sexual content as a major plot direction. House of Cards, Jessica Jones, and Orange Is the New Black have all had sex scenes that are racier than many we’d see elsewhere on television, but Gypsy’s premise centering on a therapist’s sexual indiscretions promises that Netflix will be pushing further into the realm of sexual content than ever.

Although it’s much too early for any casting news, it won't be surprising if Netflix manages to stack the decks of Gypsy with some big names. Ever since House of Cards landed Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as the lead actors, the service's originals have all seemed to boast a very familiar face or two. Ten episodes is a commitment that many performers may be willing to make on the chance that any particular series might turn into the next mainstream success story a la House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black. Plus, Gypsy already sounds awfully… well, titillating.

The early announcement of Gypsy as a series for 2017 gives us a reason to be excited for what next year will bring from Netflix, but again, it's gonna be a while. Luckily, there are plenty of other Netflix originals to get us through the interim before Gypsy hits the web. Check out our list of great Netflix original series definitely worth watching.

Laura Hurley
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