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Hemlock Grove is Netflix’s next entry into the original series market, and judging from these four trailers released today it’s a very different animal from their hit House of Cards (we’re taking their word for it that the show is a hit, since no ratings were released).

Supernatural series are a dime a dozen these days, making it harder and harder to gain a foothold with viewers. Hemlock Grove’s trailers hint at the possibility that the storyline could include a werewolf, and the tagline “The Monster is Within” seems to point in that direction as well. But Hemlock Grove has some strong points in its favor, including veteran horror director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) to direct, and a list of stars that includes Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgard as well as Lili Taylor, and Dougray Scott.

The four trailers out today each have a slightly different focus, but introduce us to the main characters in the town of Hemlock Grove, including the weathly Godfrey family: Olivia (Janssen), her son Roman (Skarsgard) and her daughter Shelley, who we’re told has some deformity, so I am guessing is the girl shown removing a wig in the trailers. There’s also Norman, the older brother of Olivia’s deceased husband, played by Dougray Scott, and several other Godfrey’s listed in the cast.

I can’t help but get a bit of an Edward-versus-Jacob Twilight-like vibe from the two male leads, Roman and newly arrived gypsy Peter (Landon Loboiron of Terra Nova), both suspects in the murder of a young girl, which is unfortunate given my much higher hopes for this book adaptation. This one is based on the novel by Brian McGreevey and is hopefully somewhat less melodramatic than Twilight. Of course, it will be hard to avoid True Blood comparisons as well, given that Bill Skarsgard is the brother of that show’s Alexander Skarsgard and both are supernatural-themed.

Hemlock Grove hits Netflix streaming service all at once on April 19th, so we’ll get to see – and hopefully get past - those comparisons for ourselves.