One Arrow Character Is Getting A Costume Upgrade, Get The Details

Arrow has gone through some pretty drastic changes over the past year and a half, and none have been so major as the inflation of Team Arrow as Oliver was joined by extra masked crimefighters in the field. One character who had actually been in need of a mask since way back in Season 1 was John Diggle, so Digg finally receiving some identity concealment in Season 4 was a welcome change. The helmet is certainly unlike any other mask on the show, and according to actor David Ramsey, it's already getting an upgrade.

Central City will be working on an upgrade to Diggle’s helmet. That is yet to come, and we will be seeing some of that come out in Central City. As the first iteration came out of Central City, we will see an upgrade also come out. But in terms of Central City’s help with technology to help us combat the magic, that has yet to be seen.

David Ramsey’s reveal about the helmet upgrade in his interview with IGN actually makes a lot of sense. We’ve already learned that Digg will be crossing over to The Flash for the fifteenth episode of Season 2 to deal with King Shark, and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs taking the opportunity to upgrade his gear fits. Well, maybe probably more from Cisco Ramon than the whole team. As the genius engineer and vigilante costume designer extraordinaire of the Flarrow-verse, Cisco has had a hand in outfitting major heroes on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow as well as on The Flash.

Diggle's Helmet

Hopefully, the upgrades to the helmet make it look somewhat less ridiculous. As great as it is that Digg now has some head cover for his night job as the hero known as Spartan, the helmet has always been a bit silly. Quite aside from the unfortunate similarities to the Magneto mask, it doesn’t actually cover the back of his head. Some more actual protection in addition to whatever new gadgets might be coming would be great.

David Ramsey himself hasn’t yet seen the new helmet, but he sure is excited. Honestly, it nice to know that he has something to be excited about when it comes to Digg in the field. He spent three years going out to battle either barefaced or with a ski mask, so he’s earned something awesome. Hopefully, the upgrades will be worthy of him, even if not necessarily totally effective against Damien Darhk and magic.

Arrow airs at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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