One More Reason To Love TiVo Premiere: Hulu Plus Through Your DVR

I tried saving a few bucks a month by subscribing to my cable provider’s DVR service once and quickly learned that there’s simply no comparison. I love TiVo and when it came time to upgrade to TiVo Premiere (late last year), I found that the added features were well worth paying for a new DVR.

It’s great to get to take advantage of the HD channels offered in my cable package, but being able to watch Netflix streaming through my TiVo DVR was one of the main reasons I upgraded to TiVo Premiere. No more video game controller, cable remote and TiVo remote cluttering up the arm of the couch. One remote controls everything and I can access Netflix as easily as I can access TV channels through the TiVO box. I’ve also enjoyed renting movies via Amazon Video on Demand.

If TiVo Premiere has one notable flaw, it’s that it sometimes freezes up and resets itself (and it takes a while to boot up). I’m saying that because 1) it’s true. It only happens about once a month tops but it does happen and, 2) Because I don’t want this article to come across as some giant advertisement for TiVo. In truth, I’m just a satisfied customer who, due to the large amount of TV I need to manage, has relied on TiVo’s excellent service for years to allow me to keep TV fun and simple, despite the ever-growing list of worth-watching TV shows and movies.

Much like Netflix Streaming, Hulu Plus is a subscription service that offers a number of TV series and movies for viewers to watch streaming online. I don’t like watching TV on my computer, which is why I haven't really considered Hulu Plus a good option for me. But today, TiVo announced that Hulu Plus is now available on TiVo, which means it may be time for me to check out the service through the free trial.

Hulu Plus is offering a month-long free trial (which is a bump up from the 7-day trial they offer online) for people who are already TiVo Premiere subscribers. For those of you considering purchasing or upgrading to TiVo Premiere:

In celebration of Hulu Plus on TiVo Premiere, TiVo and Hulu will give six months of free Hulu Plus service to newly purchased TiVo Premiere DVRs. A free trial of Hulu Plus is also available to current TiVo Premiere customers. Visit to learn more.

Below is a helpful video that explains Hulu Plus through TiVo or you can click here to go to TiVo’s site and read about the options.

Kelly West
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