Oprah Winfrey Finally OWNs Up To Network Mistakes

Oprah joined longtime friend Gayle King on her show CBS This Morning early today. After being lauded for her achievements by King and co-host Charlie Rose, the program got a whole lot less rosy, with the former talk show host being asked to speak out about her struggles over at OWN, a network which recently had to restructure, firing 30 people as well as cancelling The Rosie Show.

When asked to speak about her “Top 5” mistakes with the network, Oprah’s big focus was feeling she had launched too early, before her daytime talk show contract was up and she could fully place her new network on the forefront. The 58 year-old compared the launch of OWN to getting married before a couple is actually ready.

When the topic switched gears and Oprah was asked whether given another go at a network she would have done something very different, the Oprah's Next Chapter star seemed alright with explaining the network's shortcomings. However, she does not seem to be willing to ever just give up.

“Because I am a female who is African American who is so blessed in the world, there is never going to be a time to quit.”

The interview with Oprah shows her as someone who is poised, apt, and very well-spoken, even in the face of critical questions. Whether or not you are a fan, it is worth watching and maybe even hoping for a future to the Discovery-owned network that Oprah is now admitting may very well have been a mistake.