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One of the unfortunate aspects of the Summer season is the complete lack of television. Cable shows are all on hiatus, and avid television watchers essentially have their entire schedule thrown off during the summer months. One of the exceptions to this rule is the annual release of Netflix’s megahit dramedy Orange Is The New Black. While information regarding each season’s plot is kept pretty tight-lipped, we wait with bated breath until new footage is released that gives us some clue about what we’re going to see. Luckily for us, today is one of those days because Orange Is The New Black just released an Oscar-themed video which features a bunch footage from the upcoming fourth season. Check it out.
Is it summer yet? This video has a lot going on. Let’s dissect what the team at Netflix is showing us.

The video starts off simply enough, with the inmates apparently watching the Academy Awards in the common room (how timely of Netflix). After reviewing some highlights from the show’s first three seasons, we are soon introduced to some chaotic clips from the unreleased Season 4.

The craziness kicks off when an apparent swat team enters the frame, and begins to ascend onto the Litchfield grounds. Since our characters live in a minimum security facility, this is a stark change from the usually relaxed atmosphere we’ve seen. I’m going to assume that this will be some of the opening moments from Season 4. Last season ended with a satisfying and heartwarming montage which had all of the characters, excluding Piper and Alex, realizing they had access to the lake behind the prison. The ladies of Litchfield decided to take advantage of this oversight, and ascended into the lake to feel free- even for just a few minutes. Black Cindy got to finish her conversion into Judaism by being submerged in the lake, Soso got her family, and tears of joy were shed by the audience.

Of course, an infraction of this nature is not going to be forgiven by the correctional system, and this swat team was likely called in order to get the inmates back into the facility. The lake incident was technically a prison break, and it has to be treated as such. Presumably this momentary lack of supervision will result in security and the correctional officers really cracking down on the characters of Orange. We are later shown Gloria having a confrontation with a new C.O., who seems to be an aggressive new character. I’m going to predict that this crackdown will become one of the major conflicts in Season 4, possibly resulting in Piper’s panty business being discovered. Since OITNB has been renewed for a slew of more seasons, something has got to happen to keep Piper in the system for longer.

The trailer also shows two more intriguing plot lines. For one, we are shown a quick shot of Sophia who is still in the SHU. She looks to be in sorry shape, without her beauty supplies and presumably suffering the mental health problems that are associated with solitary confinement.

Finally, Maria Ruiz, who had her child during Season 1, appears to have a conflict with Piper in the new season. We see her quickly threatening the protagonist before the next scene is shown. Now that her child is no longer making visits, Maria’s stability will probably be suffering, making her more prone to conflict with the other inmates.

Overall, the few clips we’ve seen of Orange Is The New Black Season 4 make it seem like the next one will be a crazy one. The series will release its fourth season in its entirety on Netflix June 17th.