As always, there are spoilers from last night’s episode in the paragraphs, below!

The Originals has spent a good chunk of its first season flirting with the past and intermingling that with a lot of drama in the present. Last night’s episode sent us back to 1919, where we learned a whole lot more about Rebekah and Marcel and their ultimate betrayal of Klaus to Mikael, the biggest baddie in the Mikaelson family. As it turns out, vampire daddy issues seem to be even worse than regular daddy issues.

If you caught the above preview, you probably noticed that The CW gave us a little more information than usual related to next week’s episode, which ended on a cliffhanger in a graveyard. The above preview looks at what seems to be the very beginning of next week’s episode. Klaus has located where Marcel and Rebekah are hiding out, and he is not too happy with the pair at this point. Luckily, the calm and collected Elijah is not willing to put up with Klaus’ nonsense and is giving Marcel and Rebekah time to hide from the angry vampire. Get ready for a long stakeout.

The preview probably seems a little confusing if you didn’t catch this week’s episode. We’ve known that Marcel and Rebekah (why isn’t there a convenient nickname for those two?) would likely incur Klaus’ wrath sometime this season, we just didn’t know when. Through flashbacks to 1919, we learned there was a time when Klaus at least mostly approved of Marcel and Rebekah’s relationship, but that his stance changed after the two lovebirds brought Daddy Mikael into town. At the beginning of the episode, Klaus is still dealing with life post getting stabbed by Elijah, and he is none too happy about it, especially after Elijah pulls out the knife. It was the grossest scene ever, honestly.

While Klaus is out of it, Elijah advises Rebekah and Marcel to book it out of New Orleans. They decide they need to revive the dead Davina first, hoping she can provide a cloaking spell. Since that would be too easy for the writers, they must first kill the big bad witch Celeste before moving forward with the spell. If you remember correctly, the vampires cannot go into the cemetery, as it is the witches’ sacred ground. The writers manage to work their way out of that one, and the team is all stuck in the cemetery together as the episode ends. Oh yes, and Davina is apparently back from the dead.

There’s so much going on at this point in the season that I can’t even go over Hayley and Cami, who both did have small roles in this week’s episode. I’ve loved it best when Season 1 has been a little more streamlined, but it looks like we’ll have a hodgepodge of multiple problems, villains and infights for some time to come. If that’s your thing, you can check out the CW’s The Originals on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET. Recent episodes are also available online.

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