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Starz offered up some excellent goodies for Outlander fans today. In addition to confirmation that they’ll be sharing the first episode of Ronald D. Moore’s series online a week ahead of the official television premiere, they’ve also released some great stills. That includes the one above, which shows Jamie and Claire staring intensely at one another.

Based on a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is being adapted as a TV series at Starz by Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore. The series stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a World War II combat nurse who’s on vacation with her husband (Tobias Menzies) when she finds herself thrown back through time to 18th century Scotland. It’s there that she’s forced to marry Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Here the two of them are again, looking much more dressed up this time around…


Next up, we have Tobias Menzies. We mentioned that he plays Claire’s (original) husband, Frank. Well, Menzies also plays Frank’s ancestor Jack Randall…


He looks lost.

Finally, there’s this glimpse of Claire covered in blood. Looks like this is a peek of her days working as a combat nurse…


One of the previously released set photos showed us Claire getting made up with fake blood, which was being painted on her face and neck. The apron she’s wearing in that photo appears to have the same blood stain on it as the one we're seeing in the photo above, and her hair is done up the same, except a bit messier, which might be a clue that the scene in the above picture takes place before Claire encounters even more blood.

Moving on, Starz also uploaded this featurette, which gives us some peeks at Outlander and features Ronald D. Moore and Outlander author Diana Gabaldon as they talk about turning the book into a series….

Finally, there’s the mentioned early preview of Outlander. Starz has posted the first episodes of their new series online ahead of the official premiere before, so it’s not a huge surprise that they’re doing it with Outlander, but it’s great to get confirmation ahead of time. Outlander’s full first episode will be available on “ multiple television and online platforms nationwide” on August 2.

Starz's announcement also notes that the planned 16-episode first season will be split into two half-seasons, with the first eight episodes airing this year, and the second half of the season set to air in early 2015.

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