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Perfect Couples Lead Kyle Bornheimer Lands New Pilot

Have you been watching NBC’s Perfect Couples? Based on the ratings, it’s unlikely, but if you have, it’s probable you’ve noticed one couple is a little bit better than the other two. That would, of course, be Dave and Julia, played by Kyle Bornheimer and Christine Woods. They seem to know exactly what being on a network show entails, while the others, most notably Olivia Munn, are still working out a few kinks. I actually think the show has a bit of promise, at least the premise, but things aren’t looking good for next season. If they don’t work out, one of those strong leads may have found himself a new job.

According to Deadline, Kyle Bornheimer has officially boarded Fox’s Council Of Dads. The sad, yet hilarious premise follows a dying father who asks five of his buddies to form a committee to watch over his children. The Perfect Couples star will play the overly excited and energetic mentor that hasn’t quite figured out what’s appropriate.

Don’t get too excited though. Not only is Council Of Dads still in the pilot stage, Bornheimer’s involvement also depends on the fate of Perfect Couples. If NBC brings the show back, he’s out, which would force a recasting or more likely a non pick-up.

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