For many years, comic book movies have been helmed by Hollywood’s elite, from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan, so it’s perfectly fitting that small screen adaptations would follow suit. Case in point: the upcoming PlayStation exclusive series Powers has landed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade to take the reins for its first two episodes. Okay, so a Twlight movie doesn’t make someone “elite,” but the rest of his resume is more applicable for the descriptor.

As well as directing, Slade will executive produce the first two episodes, according to Deadline. Novelist and comic scribe Charlie Huston will be writing those same two episodes. Anybody else a little worried now that this series won’t make it to a third episode? It’s just me? Okay.

Slade has a pretty killer eye for filmmaking on both the big and small screen, and he’s good at using sets and atmosphere to create tension in all of his projects. His career began in music videos, but he soon leapt into the feature world with the underappreciated 2005 thriller Hard Candy and 2007’s vampire horror 30 Days of Night. (The latter was also a comic adaptation, based on the miniseries from Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith.) On the TV side of things, he directed an episode of Breaking Bad and the Awake pilot before finding a more comfortable home on NBC’s Hannibal, for which he’s helmed multiple episodes, including the bloody Season 2 finale.


Produced by Sony Pictures TV, Powers is based on the fan-favorite comic series from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, both of whom will serve as executive producers with Circle of Confusion (The Walking Dead), Michael Dinner (Justified), Huston and Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies). The latter two EPs will also serve as the showrunners. Certainly a group this talented will only produce greatness, right?

They have great subject matter to work with, as Powers is one of the better series out there, both in its original run and in the new Powers Bureau arc. Assuming the series sticks to the same origins, we can expect to spend some time with homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who are both assigned to cases revolving around “powers,” which refer to people with superhuman powers. (Go figure.) It’s a police procedural, but with Bendis’ signature flair for dark humor and ratcheted-up excitement.

If there’s any justice in the world, the first part of Powers will follow the storyline of “Who Killed Retro Girl?” You can watch a related (and fairly impressive) fan-made film below, directed by Michelle Massey.

Will Slade create something more impressive? Find out when Powers debuts on the PlayStation Network in December.

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