Psych Cancelled, Season 8 Will Be Its Last

There's bad news if you're a Psych fan. USA dropped the word today that the series' remaining episodes will be the show's last. Following a feature-length musical episode that aired late last year, the series debuted its eighth season last month and it's been confirmed that Season 8 will be the last. But all hope isn't entirely lost!

The show is cancelled and will end with Season 8. EW confirmed as much, but notes that USA Network presidentt Chris McCumber commented that we haven't heard the last from Psych's amazing mystery-solving duo:

The final season celebrates the iconic characters that have made this show so beloved, and will be an exclamation point on the series’ incredible run. And while the series will wrap in March somehow I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus.”

EW notes that McCumber's words were chosen "very carefully," and the site speculates that perhaps Psych will make a post-series comeback, much in the way Burn Notice did a TV movie on USA.

Here's the video USA released, which gives viewers the opportunity to have the news broken a bit more gently from stars James Roday and Dule Hill...

You think you're taking the news bad, look at Gus!



Psych has really had a good run, managing to surpass the 100-episode milestone and also doing a musical double-episode, taking full advantage of the musical talents and appreciation of its stars. As for how much closure the series will get, EW says the producers didn't know the show was being cancelled, however their sources say they might have had some inkling that the end was nigh, so the finale may actually play out like a series finale. At the very least, let's hope there aren't any major cliffhangers, and the recurring arcs are resolved in some way.

And fans can appreciate that -- according to Hill and Roday -- this last season...


Um... yeah. The first of the five remaining episodes of Psych will air on USA tonight and the series will finish its run with an episode penned and directed by series creator Steve Franks called "The Breakup," scheduled to air March 26.

Here's the preview for tonight's ep...

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