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Psych's Clue-Themed 100th Episode Airs Tonight, Viewers Decide The Ending Live

So, apparently, the cure to Gus' toupee fear is the promise of a chocolate room. Will they find it? That's just one mystery that may or may not be solved during tonight's anticipated 100th episode of Pysch, which will pay tribute to the 1985 mystery-comedy film Clue and include guest stars from the film. As if that weren't enough to make even the most casual fan of the series (or Clue for that matter) tune in, Psych is letting viewers choose the ending.

Much in the way Clue had multiple endings, exploring a few different ways the murders could have taken place, tonight's "100 Clues" episode of Psych will be set up with multiple ending options, and viewers will be invited to vote love at

"100 Clues" will have Shawn and Gus invited to a mysterious party at a mansion in Santa Barbara, thrown by Billy Lipps, a man Shawn helped the cops put away years ago. When a new crime takes place and suspects emerge, fans on both coasts will have the opportunity to vote live to decide if it's the Groupie, the Manager, the Author, the Host, or - of course - the Butler who did it. From what we've seen already, the episode looks like a great nod to a truly great, funny movie, and a fantastic way to honor the show's milestone 100th episode. I'm also hopeful that USA will release the alternate versions either, online or on the DVD set for the season. Or maybe make a super-episode that includes all of the endings (much in the way the film was later released with all three alternate endings).

Psych's 100th episode "100 Clues" airs Wednesday, March 27 at 10/9c on USA.