Raising Hope is one of the few cases in recent television history where the writers didn’t tease a potential romance for a prolonged amount of time. Potentially facing cancellation in Season 2, Jimmy and Sabrina hooked up during a random episode, giving the show’s current season license to explore the potential of getting engaged and focusing on a young couple figuring out how to raise a child and how to live under poor circumstances, while still enjoying each others' company.

Now, Fox has put together a “Save the Date” announcement for the couple’s impending nuptials. In the short clip, both Jimmy and Sabrina are dressed in wedding clothing—in Jimmy’s case, a moderately smart suit, and in Sabrina’s, a tacky lace dress—but despite the tacky organ music and the extraordinarily cheap use of a manila folder, something seems a bit askew. Namely, while Sabrina seems happy and carefree, Jimmy looks more than a little disgruntled.

The “Save the Date” notes the wedding is set for Raising Hope’s January 29 episode, which means fans are still a couple of weeks away from seeing what the big deal is. I’m certainly intrigued, however. Jimmy’s biggest wish since this series began has been determining a way to be with Sabrina, for good, and now that the wish is about to come to fruition, it seems odd that he might have a case of cold—or in this case, disgruntled—feet. Maybe the “Save the Date” promotion was just going for something silly.

Fox’s Raising Hope airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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