The Really Gross Thing About Supermarket Sweep You Never Knew

If you’re like me and (presumably) millions of other Americans, then you can’t step foot in a supermarket without briefly envisioning yourself racing around the store and packing your basket with expensive items, as if you were a contestant on the game show Supermarket Sweep. But after learning this truly disgusting tidbit about the show, straight from former host David Ruprecht, you may never think about it in the same way again.

We shot for about five months, six months every year, and they used the same food over and over again. So by about the third month, the hot dogs had sorta started to ferment in the package and the package swelled up. And a lot of the food, having been thrown in and out of carts for three, four months had gotten pretty beaten up.

That sounds like the absolute worst thing ever. Granted, nobody is going to be picking up hot dogs in this show, since those are some of the cheapest things you can find on the supermarket shelves (or refrigerated areas, if we’re getting technical), but people are clearly going to be running by them en route to expensive pieces of meat and bags of diapers. Surely some people filming the latter batch of shows walked by and saw some big, bloated Ballpark franks just begging to be released from their home, and then filming had to be stopped so that they could duck into a bathroom to get sick all over the place.

There’s no way all kinds of food like that could just be left out in that place without something stinking to high heaven, right? I mean, I know the packaging stops smells from widespread takeover, but something had to go wrong on occasion. I can just picture yogurt containers with their bottoms dropping out due to old yogurt growing appendages and clawing its way out. So much gross in that store.

But don’t worry, as not everything was rotting. Ruprecht also dropped some knowledge about the rest of the food, saying that all of the meat products were fake. So anytime you saw somebody dumping turkeys and steaks and stuff into the cart, it wasn’t real. I wonder if it was even cold. Nothing makes sense to me anymore after hearing about all this.

Check out the whole video below, which comes from Great Big Story.

Is it possible that Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune also have rotting hot dogs somewhere on set? Someone get Trebek on the phone.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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