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Revolution Returns, Watch The First 8 Minutes Of 'The Stand' And Preview The Voice Season 4

While some shows are winding down for the season, NBC's Monday night is just getting started. Not only does tonight mark the return of The Voice for a new season (and two new judges!), but Revolution returns with its first new episode since the fall. The new trailer reminds us that exciting things are ahead for both shows. But if that's not enough to whet your appetite, maybe the first 8 minutes of Revolution will do the trick? Watch it ahead!

When Revolution left off, Miles, Charlie and the rest of them were staring up at Monroe's helicopter. The start of the second half of the season ("The Stand") picks up seconds later.

Seems kind of unfair to bring a helicopter to a blackout fight, no? Those who want to see the rest of the episode can catch it tonight (Monday, March 25) at 10/9c on NBC.

Meanwhile, at 8:00 p.m. on NBC, we'll see the start of The Voice, and the beginning of the blind auditions - arguably the best part of the series - and the introduction of new judges Shakira and Usher, who are filling the chairs vacated by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo. The video below focuses on Shakira, and gives us a hint of her chemistry with the other judges.

I'll admit, aside from knowing her hips don't lie, I don't know much about Shakira, but based on the video above, she seems charming and charismatic, so it should be interesting to see how she does as a judge and mentor. What's evident already is that Shakira and Usher aren't "replacing" Christina and Cee Lo. These are two very different people who have the potential to change things up for the tone of the series as they bring their own personalities and musical preferences to the table.

Here's a sample of the blind auditions with one contestants try-out...