Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has officially landed his very own television series on E! The network has ordered 6 episodes of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? in the hopes that audiences are in fact interested in the answer to that question.

Lochte has been talking about his desire to star in a reality show pretty much since he became a household name during the London Olympics. He picked up a guest appearance almost right away, appearing on 90210 and originally talked about doing Dancing With the Stars or The Bachelor. Then in August he announced that he was in talks with E! for his very own reality series, meant to follow him around during his daily life and also as a less-than-subtle method of promoting his new line of clothing. Today the news is official, EW says that E! has gone ahead with the planned series.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? will, as originally suggested, follow him as he trains in the pool and goes about his business, but it’s also about his search for love. E! is clearly counting on his sex appeal to bring in the viewers, since it appears clear it won’t be his wits. E! President Suzanne Kolb put it this way: “How many people fall in love with the smartest guy in the class? They fall for the fastest swimmer.” Well, the shallow ones anyway. Apparently the sneak peek of the show made it obvious that he either isn’t that bright or is playing the role really well.

The series, which is set for an April premiere, promises to add more awful catchphrases to the American vernacular, such as the term “Jeah” which it seems is Lochte’s favorite non-word. Despite having a male rather than a Kardashian female as the center of the show, it sounds like this one will fit right in on E!

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