Olympian Ryan Lochte is in talks to get his very own reality series over in Kardashian land – E! that is. The medal winning swimmer is looking to bring his everyday life to television, while promoting his fashion line, which was made clear by his repeated mentions of said line. Is anyone interested in Lochte’s life? Or his clothing line?

Lochte has already started to make his way into television; he filmed a guest appearance on 90210 and also mentioned an interest in doing either The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars . But it seems he has his designs (yes, did we mention his very own clothing line?) on being the star of the show rather than just a short-lived appearance. He told CelebBuzz on The Daily Buzz that he is in talks with E! to bring a reality series about his life to television.
“Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line, It’s gonna be me, me being myself, and I’m pretty much going to show the world that and my new fashion line.”

That might be the least descriptive description of a reality show I have ever heard. What precisely does Lochte do all day? How much time can a reality show really spend watching him jump in and out of the pool – ok, well there might be a female viewership there – and hawk his clothing line? The show will need a better hook than that. Lochte isn’t the first Olympian to move towards television. Michael Phelps, who is probably the world’s biggest swimming star, has already signed on for The Haney Project on The Golf Channel. Lochte’s show sounds like it will be considerably different. Because he has a fashion line, after all. That could even attract E! mainstays the Kardashians his way for a guest appearance.

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