Scream Queens Is Going To Kill Off An Insane Number Of Characters

While Fox has actually shown us quite a bit of a footage and a few stills from the upcoming Ryan Murphy series Scream Queens, this week the prolific producer actually revealed a whole lot more about the plot. Namely, that a whole slew of characters are going to die during the upcoming horror dramedy. Here’s what Murphy had to say:

It's similar to American Horror Story in that it's anthological but different in that at the end of the first season there will only be four characters out of 25 left. And those four in season two will go on to a new horror genre — like a sorority is a horror genre to me, it's a place where there were horror movies in the '80s like Sorority Row — and they will go on. That's the format of the show.

So, there you have it. Only four lucky ladies and gents will make it out of the upcoming series alive. Since the cast includes a whole slew of famous names, things are certainly not looking good for a few of our favorites. So far, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis are arguably the two biggest names heading up the cast, although Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Ariana Grande are not far behind. And that doesn’t even include the other famous names involved with the series. Just so you have as accurate of a picture as possible, Scream Queens will also feature Nick Jonas, former SNL cast member Nasim Pedrad, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, Skyler Samuels, Oliver Hudson, Niecy Nash, and many more, since Murphy specifically lists 25 people in his count.

This is actually great news. It’s a little hard to know what to expect from Scream Queens, a show that has been described as part horror and part comedy. The trailer for the series was at times goofy, although a horror atmosphere was certainly indicated. Knowing that there will be actual stakes along with the jokes should keep things interesting, even if Murphy doesn’t have the ability to get as gory and weird on network TV as he does on FX.

In the interview with THR, Murphy also mentions that Scream Queens will have the same anthology feel we’ve come to know and love from AHS, but with more continuing threads.

It's sort of like a twist on American Horror Story: every season is a new season, a new setting, a new establishment — the difference being you will know some of the characters who will live.

So, should Scream Queen last past its first season, it sounds like we would go to a new location with some of the same characters in the season following. It’s a weird concept, but one that could work. In the first season, so far we the episodes will be set on a college campus and will feature a creeper in a devil mask.

While you wait for Scream Queens to hit the schedule this fall, you can take a look at the network’s upcoming schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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